The Best Outfits Worn By Queen Elizabeth

The best outfits worn by Queen Elizabeth: a lesson in elegance, style, and grace

Queen Elizabeth Outfits 2022

While Princess Diana and Kate Middleton have made a lasting impact on the fashion industry when it comes to OG style, there's no doubt that Queen Elizabeth's best dressed takes the crown.

Queen Elizabeth II was officially the longest-serving monarch and celebrated her platinum jubilee in June. It's safe to say that in her 96 years in the public eye, Her Royal Highness has had plenty of practice in the fashion department and I can honestly say she's never done anything wrong.

Even as a child, she loved practical blouses and pearl necklaces (her father, King George VI, continued Queen Victoria's tradition of giving his daughters a pearl each year on their birthdays , until the age of eighteen).

Royal Wedding Dress

A few years later, she would marry in one of the most famous royal wedding dresses of all time, using materials rationed during the war. In the 1950s, she was famous for her full-skirted dresses and matching hats. After her coronation in 1953, she upped her game even more, now in the spotlight, hosting and attending various balls and events, some even calling for ball gowns and tiaras.

Queen Elizabeth Classic Style

Year after year, he cuts the ribbon after a state visit dinner and teaches an important lesson about staying classy, ​​stylish and most importantly, wearing the right clothes without skimping on color or sparkle when be necessary There's a reason why "Queen Elizabeth's best fashion" is a popular search term on Google, especially considering Google wasn't created until decades after her birth.

Over the years, she has been known to wear bright, saturated colors, pearl necklaces, white gloves, shawls and plaid skirts. With her signature style and namesake bags, Queen Elizabeth II inspired the entire Dolce & Gabbana collection.

During her long reign, the Queen's style definitely changed. From the stylish coats she wore as a child to the dramatic turban-style hats of the 1960s, things have mixed but always stayed true to her royal heritage.

One of her most stylish moments (aside from her stunning wedding dress) was the stunning white floral ball gown from her American tour. Scroll down to see more of Queen Elizabeth's best outfits.

Queen Elizabeth's Wedding Dress In Embroidery

Princess Elizabeth and Prince Philip married
When Princess Elizabeth and Prince Philip married in November 1947, it served as an escape from post-World War II austerity in the United Kingdom.

The British government was still recovering from the Blitz two years after the war ended, and rationing was in effect for everyone, including the royal family; the future Queen saved up clothing coupons to purchase her wedding gown.

She was given 200 extra ration coupons for the occasion, but her fans thought that wasn't enough and quickly sent her their own through the mail. Because it was illegal to transfer them, each one was returned with a note, and the princess made her post-war budget work.

By modern standards, Elizabeth was a last-minute bride. Her gown, a stunning ivory silk gown embellished of embroidery with 10,000 seed pearls which is now known as digitizing embroidery , was approved only three months before the wedding. Norman Hartnell, the designer, wanted it to be "the most beautiful dress I had ever made."

And it was stunning. The dress was made of silk from China (rather than Japan or Italy, given how soon after the war it was), and its 15-foot train was inspired by Bottielli's painting of Primavera from 1482, and covered in delicate floral designs such as "jasmine, smilax, seringa, and rose-like blossoms."

According to the Royal Collection Trust, it was intended to represent "rebirth and growth" in Britain following the war.

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